Me, Matt Allen, in a forest looking for something to photograph

Me, Matt Allen, in a forest looking for something to photograph


In the shortest explanation possible, Underdog Media produces high quality visual content for passionate creatives in a variety of fields. Modern techniques, personal experience, and years of research are utilised to focus on creating products designed to tell your story and capture an audience’s attention.


Since 2013, I’ve been working with bands on a budget to produce music videos with friends that stood out from what else was being produced in my area at the time, that being my hometown of South Wales. Moving to London in 2015 allowed me to get more involved with a variety of scenes of musicians, and work with a wider range of creatives. This led to me having the opportunity to produce daily content of artists’ work in the Azraq refugee camp, Jordan, and having the final documentary screened to multiple international Ambassadors at the Argentine Embassy in London. Amongst other international opportunities, I’ve lived in Australia working with graffiti crews, the growing freestyle rap community, and meeting like-minded individuals in all stages of their careers the world over.


However far along in the development phase you are, I’m happy to collaborate and push your project to the next level and across the finish line. Sometimes, people just need someone with the video know-how to execute their vision, other times they want to work together to build something from the ground up. There is no wrong answer here. I want to make things that I’m proud of, and I’m not one to call it in just so we can head home early. You’re passionate about your art, and I’m passionate about getting your work out there!

I’m always up for talking, whether that’s in the DMs, bouncing emails back and forth, on the phone, or with coffees in hand, click on the button below and send me a message.